Olde Days of Rimersburg / glass042
Sammy Fischer


The Minnehaha Campfire Girls. The Campfire Girls was founded about 1912 by Dr. Luther Gulick and his wife Charlotte. The handbook of 1914 lists the Law of the Camp Fire Girls as: Seek Beauty, Give Service, Pursue Knowledge, Be Trustworthy, Hold on to Health, Glorify Work, Be Happy. The leader is Mae Amsler, an elementary teacher who left for Oklahoma in the early 1920’s to teach Indians on the reservation. The girls who have been identified are (l-r): 1st row- Margaret Atchison, Marie Conner Galbraith, ?, Jeanette Morris, Mary Gremo. 2nd row- ?, Nellie Hoy, Mae Amsler (teacher), Evelyn Stewart, ?. 3rd row- Mary Fischer (Mortimer), ?, ?, Gertrude Probasco, Olive Morris, Esther Blakley, ?.