Automobile race from Wilkinsburg to Clarion via Rimersburg. From the East Brady Review of July 15, 1909: “The Wilkinsburg Automobile Club, headed by R. G. Yingling, who was formerly connected with the faculty of the Clarion State Normal School, passed through East Brady, July 3rd, on their way from Wilkinsburg to Clarion. There were about 35 cars in the line, averaging 5 persons to the car – ladies being largely represented. The Club reached Brady’s Bend at 10 o’clock, and spent several hours picknicking[sic] in the woods – reaching here about one o’clock. They lined up on Broad Street, and left town in close procession. One of the cars, leaving Wilkinsburg after the main body of the club had started, came to grief at Tarentum, by backing over a steep embankment – the occupants of the car receiving serious injury.”

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