The librarians and directors who followed Joanne Karpinski and Emily Luton were: Maxine Rumbaugh (1968-1994), Julie (Gatesman) Schill (1975-1995), Mary Ann Stewart (1995-1996), Joanne Hosey (1996-2006), and Ginger McGiffin (2006-2007). The current director, Rachel Campbell, began on October 23, 2007.

The library began hiring staff in 1982 to help with the increasing collection and programs. Barbara Priester was the first staff to be hired, followed by Sue Burns, Sharon Custer, David Anthony, Patrick Belfield, Sherri Campbell, Linda Defibaugh, Bonnie DeFini, Nancy Shanafelt, Mary Elizabeth Hawk, and Judy Bashline. At the present time, there are four staff members (Rachel, Sherri Campbell, Kelly Minich, and Linda Bowser).

The first janitor was Dessie Bish, followed by James & Frances Fowler, Williard Smith, Shirley Helsel, Jacqueline McCafferty, Bruce & June Campbell, Nancy Shanafelt, Mary Hawk, Edgar Hawk, and Kari Shanafelt. Presently, the janitor work is done by one part-time person.

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