The first Board of Trustees consisted of five persons appointed for five-year terms by Rimersburg Borough (2 seats), Union School District (2 seats), and the local bank (1 seat). The first trustees and those following were: B. G. Corliss, Donald Murphy, Ralph Youkers, Gerald Snyder, Daniel Filetti, Marion Filetti, Paul Barger, Jackie Stemmerich, Richard Prisuta, Rosie Kline, Don Hiwiller, Joseph Regis, Jr., Madeline Steltzer, Margaret Miller, E. H. Howard, Jr., Sara Cicciarelli, June Fox, Dorothy Holly, Joanne Hosey, Mary Gilfillan, David Davis, Roger Crick, Sally Mortimer, Pat Mortimer, Tom Curry, Mark Rummel, Deanna Carmichael, Susie Crick, Jeanie Grant, and Shirley King.

In 2004, the Constitution of the Library was changed and adopted to include: Trustees would represent each of the seven municipalities that the library serves – Rimersburg Borough (2 seats), Sligo Borough (1 seat), East Brady Borough (1 seat), Madison Township (1 seat), Toby Township (1 seat), and Piney Township (1 seat). Because Brady Township was so small, Rimersburg Borough was to appoint two trustees. The trustees would have terms of three years or until their successors were appointed. The trustees should not serve more than two consecutive three-year terms. After a one year leave of absence, a member may be reappointed.

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